Who to Follow On Twitter Part 1 - Music

Posted by Drew Stoga on February 19, 2013

Twitter logoEveryone has a favorite social media site. At least, everybody I know does. Usually when the topic comes up, I find myself defending Twitter. My stance is that if you follow the right people, organizations and media outlets, Twitter is the most helpful platform out there - even if you never send out a single tweet.

But of course if you don't know who to follow, you're not going to get too far. That's why we've launched this new blog series aimed at helping you find the right folks to follow. Today the focus is on the music industry but over the next few weeks we'll be pointing out some great Twitter resources for all kinds of entertainers and vendors.

So, without further adieu, here are a few great Twitter accounts you should be following:

BandZoogleBandzoogle @bandzoogle
Our friends at Bandzoogle help musicians make and maintain their own websites. Like a few of the accounts on this list, Bandzoogle tweets from the crossroads of music and technology.
Follow For: Tips on building, maintaining and improving your web presence.


CD BabyCD Baby @cdbaby
Another old friend of ours, CD Baby, helps you sell your music. Like GigMasters, CD Baby has been around since the early days of the Internet, which gives them interesting perspective on where things are headed.
Follow For: Advice on selling music and managing your career in general.


Bob LefsetzBob Lefsetz @lefsetz
One of the most respected (and controversial) voices in the music biz, Bob has been sharing his opinions on the industry via his 'Lefsetz Letter' for 25 years. Last week he was in hot water from the Twitterati who saw his critique of Beyonce's Super Bowl show as sexist.
Follow For: Angry rants about the state of the music industry.


Bob BakerBob Baker @mrbuzzfactor
Unlike Bob Lefsetz, we actually know Bob Baker as he's a long-time contributor to this blog. Bob's goal is to help musicians "get exposure, connect with fans, sell more music, and increase their incomes." Sound good?
Follow For: Helpful music industry advice from a guy who's been there.


HypebotHypebot @hypebot
Hypebot is a website that, according to their Twitter bio, covers "the new music business." If you're interested in the increasing digitization of the music industry, this is the place for you.
Follow For: News on where the music industry is headed.


GigMastersGigMasters @gigmasters
Duh! Of course we aren't only here for the musicians but that's is where we started and we just love music too much not to tweet about it. Our Twitter account is a mix of helpful booking and gigging tips for you, our members, and planning advice and inspiration for our clients. Check us out on Twitter today: https://twitter.com/@gigmasters.

For more great follows, check out: https://twitter.com/GigMasters/music. That's our 'Music' list on Twitter. You'll find tweets from all of the above accounts on there plus lots more.

Happy tweeting!

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