What the New Facebook Changes Mean for You

Posted by Drew Stoga on September 26, 2011

facebook logoIf you are one of the 800 million people with a Facebook account, you have probably already noticed that things are looking a little different over there. Facebook is forever tweaking their service but last week at their annual f8 conference they announced some of their biggest changes in years.

Facebook started rolling out a few new features early last week, when we woke up to find an additional news feed on the right side of our pages. As we later found out at the f8 conference, that was just the beginning of what Mark Zuckerberg and his team had in store for us.

The biggest change: the introduction of 'Timeline,' which Facebook sees as a new (all-encompassing) type of profile. Check out their promotion video for more on the Timeline:


The other big news is that Facebook is launching a new open graph that enables outside developers to create and implement new apps. The goal here is to seamlessly extend Facebook's reach across, well, just about the entire web.

In Facebook's eyes if you are listening to music, your friends should not only know what song you are jamming to but also be able to listen for themselves. Going for a run? Why not tell all of your friends where you went? Watching a movie? I bet your friends would like to watch too, right through Facebook of course. You get the idea...

So, bottom line: how are all these changes to going to affect you and your page?

  • The Timeline makes it much easier to over-share. Business owners in particular need to be careful. (FastCompany)
  • If you want to sign up for Spotify, you better be on Facebook too. (Evolver.fm)
  • Not surprisingly, all these changes mean a lot less privacy for Facebook users. (TheNextWeb)


Not afraid of the big, bad Timeline? Find out how to enable it right now. (Mashable.com)


What do you think of Facebook's big announcements? Up in arms? Couldn't care less? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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