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Posted by Peter G on April 4, 2012

UPDATE: See who won the first contest for Best Music Video!

Attention all musicians, comedians, DJs, magicians, impersonators, balloon twisters, harpists...and anyone else who doesn't have stage fright. We’re seeking great videos of you performing for our giveaway contest. Enter now to win a 12 Month Gold Membership ($299 value) to the #1 booking service,!

Step 1

Scroll down to the comments section below and enter your videos like this:
Performer Name - Video Title -

Select “Post to Facebook” and post your comment.

Step 2

Click here and subscribe to GigMasters TV on YouTube.
That's it! If you've completed those two steps, you're entered in the contest.

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Entering the Contest

This is open to any performer with an entertaining video on YouTube. You can enter as many videos as you'd like, and there are no requirements in terms of length or type of video. And you don't have to make a new video just for this contest, but feel free to do so. If you don't have a Facebook account, you can have someone else with a Facebook account enter your video below for you. If you don't have a YouTube account, it's easy to set one up here.

We plan on making this a reoccurring contest for different genres, so there is no deadline to submit your video. However, we will only run one contest per category at a time. The GigMasters staff will divvy up the videos up into categories, such as Live Band, Solo Musician, DJ, String Ensemble, Kids Party Entertainer, etc.

To view the entries so far, you can follow these YouTube playlists: Video Contest Entries. Please note that your submission does not guarantee a nomination. We hope to include as many videos as possible in future contests.

Voting on Facebook

The voting happens on the GigMasters Facebook page. Anyone can vote, so we'll need your help to promote this through your networks. And don't worry if your video doesn't already have a lot of views on YouTube. All of the performers nominated by GigMasters will have a fresh start with zero votes when the contest begins.

The Prize

1st Place: 12 Month Gold Membership (or $299 credit for members)
2nd Place: 6 Month Professional Membership ($159)
3rd Place: 3 Month Basic Membership ($79)

The top 3 videos with the most votes will win. New members will be awarded the membership immediately following the contest. If you’re already a GigMasters member, you will receive credit equal to winning value amount. Your membership status will not change -- your level and current renewal date will remain the same.

About GigMasters

Launched in 1997, GigMasters has provided live entertainment for over 150,000 special events — weddings, corporate events, kids' parties, festivals and more. Today, GigMasters counts 10,000 entertainers as active members with everything from bands and DJs to celebrity impersonators and balloon twisters. To find entertainment for your event or learn more about becoming a member, go to

If you have any questions, please ask below. We'll be keeping a close eye on these comments!

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