Understanding Your Client’s Control Panel

Posted by Drew Stoga on June 25, 2012


Control Panel

That’s right, we said “your client’s Control Panel.” Just like you, all of our clients get Control Panels (just as soon as they submit a gig request). Unlike you, our clients aren’t always so familiar with how to use their Control Panel as it’s often their first time on GigMasters. That's why we thought it would be helpful to take you through the booking process from the client’s perspective, complete with screenshots of the Client Control Panel.

While you can always refer confused clients to our Customer Experience Department, hopefully after reading this post you’ll be able to walk any client through the booking process. And if you can't, you could always confirm the booking yourself (here's how).

The Events Page

The home base of the Client Control Panel is the ‘events’ tab. This is the first place a client is taken when they sign in and where all of their performer quotes are stored. Here’s what it looks like:

Blurred to protect the innocent

Clicking on “View profile” would take the client to your Profile and “View full quote” lets the client see the details of your quote. Makes sense, right?

Of particular importance on the events tab is the big orange "book now" button. The same button appears on the detailed version of your quote. If you have a client who is ready to book, just tell them to look for the "book now" button. NOTE: If you have already booked the gig yourself, the client will see a button that reads "confirm booking." This button behaves the exact same as "book now."

The Booking Page
Clicking on "book now" takes the client to this page, where they can complete the booking:

Book Now page
Just look for the "book and pay now" button

The booking page again summarizes the details of your quote. Once the client gives it a final look, they can make the booking official by choosing a payment method, entering their payment info and clicking that big "book and pay now" button towards the bottom of the page.

That's all there is to booking. We've done our best to keep the Client Control Panel as simple as possible to ensure that our clients don't hit any roadblocks along the way. Of course no matter how simple we make it, there will always be questions. That's why we're writing this post and why you can contact us anytime.

Feeling Social?
One more thing to note on the booking front: after a client books, they have the option of sharing the big news to Facebook, Twitter and their other social networks. A link to your Profile is included along with their message so you should encourage your clients to be social. It's a great way to build excitement for the client's event plus it could get a few more eyes on your Profile, which is never a bad thing.

After the Gig - Feedback
Even once the gig is over the client isn't quite done with their Control Panel. You do want client feedback, after all (yes you do! Here's why).

After the gig we send the client a feedback reminder that links them straight to the feedback page. They can also get here by logging back into their Control Panel. After a gig the events page looks like this:

CCP Events PageThe think to note here is that a "leave feedback" button is now in place of the "book now" button. As you may have guessed, clicking this button takes a client to the feedback page, which looks like this:

Feedback - Control PanelThis is a pretty straight forward page where the client rates you on five key categories: professionalism, how accommodating they found you, overall talent, whether they'd recommend you to others and their overall satisfaction. Clients rate you by clicking the appropriate number of stars (or half stars) and have an opportunity to write a review, with a 675 character max, that will live on your Profile. Clicking 'save' pushes the feedback live.

After leaving their entertainer feedback, clients have the opportunity to do the same for GigMasters. This is the client's chance to let us know what they thought of their overall experience with GigMasters. We even use some of these quotes on our testimonial page.


Those are your Client Control Panel basics. Hopefully they help you and your clients master GigMasters just a bit more. Remember, if you or your client have any questions along the way, you can always contact us. That's what we're here for!

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