Top 10 Cities that Like Us

Posted by Peter G on December 19, 2012

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Earlier this year, we shared our “Top 10 Cities to Gig In” based on GigMasters’ booking statistics. After browsing our Facebook Insights, we found new-yet-similar data. Out of our 13,000-plus followers, here are the cities that Like us the most.

Top 10 GigMasters Facebook Likes   Top 10 GigMasters Bookings  
New York, NY   Houston, TX  
Los Angeles, CA   Los Angeles, CA  
San Diego, CA   Chicago, IL  
Nashville, TN   New York, NY  
Chicago, IL   Las Vegas, NV  
Miami, FL   San Diego, CA  
Houston, TX   Dallas, TX  
Phoenix, AZ   Atlanta, GA  
Atlanta, GA   Washington, DC  
Brooklyn, NY   Philadelphia, PA  


The cities in color are the unique ones that aren’t on both lists. We know that, for our members, gig bookings are more important than Facebook Likes. We just found it interesting that 6 out of the 10 of the cities are the same.

So, if your hometown isn’t on this list and you're a fan of GigMasters, I guess now would be a good time to Like us and share GigMasters with your friends:


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