This Week in the Music Biz: Link Roundup

Posted by Drew Stoga on September 13, 2011

turntableGood Morning! Saying you like music is kind of like saying you like ice cream. But there is a difference between those who like ice cream and those who eat, breathe and sleep ice cream (still talking about music here). I think you can guess which category we fall in.

We always do our best here at GigMasters to keep our eyes and ears on what's happening in the music industry at large. We want to keep you, dear reader, aware of what's happening out there so you can make the most of it both as fans and as professionals.

Here's what you need to know about the music biz this week:

The Pandora vs Spotify battle heats up...Until now Pandora has had one major advantage over Spotify, the new kid on the music-streaming block. Unlike its European counterpart, the American version of Spotify has no web radio interface (like Pandora's famous 'music genome' engine that suggests songs you may like). This is all changing thanks to Echofi, a new app recently released by an outside developer. Wired has the story. & SoundCloud team up...Technically these two hooked up a few months back when they started their initial partnership but as BetaBeat reports. While is best known for helping mega-stars like Diddy, Akon and Maroon 5 reach new fans, it is still something that up and coming bands may want to keep an eye on., ANOTHER music tech/social media startup, enters the fray...Clearly a lot of people think of the future of music business is tied into social media (see Facebook Music,, et al). Hypebot has the scoop (plus free beta invites) on, a new app that makes it easy to share music and keep up with what your friends are listening to via Twitter and YouTube. Will it catch on? Who knows? gets serious...Speaking of Turntable, The New York Times reports they just raised $7 million in funding. You read that right - $7 million.

YouTube tips from CD Baby...the good folks at CD Baby have compiled and released their DIY Musician's Guide to YouTube. Looking for even more YouTube tips? Check out our post: YouTube Tips Straight From the Source.

Bob 'Night Moves' Seeger joins iTunes...The New York Times reports that long-time digital download holdout Bob Seger has announced that his music will be available for the first time via iTunes.


That's about it for now but stay tuned for more music news later this week.

What did we miss? Anything else going on in the music industry we didn't cover? Leave a comment, let us know.

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