The Party Starts...Soon

Posted by Marissa Latshaw on December 11, 2013

And, by soon I mean in just a few days we're going to be revealing some pretty big changes to the GigMasters website and service. We've been busting at the seams for months to tell you about what we've been working on, but we had to wait until now (we didn't want to tip off any of our 'impersonators'). Truth be told, many of these ideas came from our amazing members who aren't shy about telling us what they think - and we just love that!

So what's changing?

The GigMasters site is getting a serious make-over, not just some small incremental change - but the kind of change that revolutionizes the way people plan events and book event vendors. Of course our newly designed site is going to be really clean and responsive to reflect our ever-growing population of mobile customers. But, that's what you should expect from us. What has us really excited and has our team staying up all hours and drinking disgusting amounts of Red Bull are the changes that put more power into the hands of our members and our clients:

High-Impact Profiles - The new member profile design will give our members control of more visual space. This means that when someone lands on your new profile, they will get a quick, clear impression of who you are and what you do.

Flexible Search - Clients will be able to customize their searches like never before, expanding and narrowing their vendor options with our new search interface. This means a more satisfying, customized experience for our clients and higher quality leads for you, our members.

Slicker Navigation - Navigating the site will be quicker and easier than ever. All a client needs to know when they come to our site is the type of event they are planning - and we'll do the rest.

High-Touch Service - We're introducing a new section of the site that takes our already exceptional customer service to the next level. Soon, we'll be able to help clients who are in their earliest phases of planning their event. They may not yet know they want a DJ or need a tent - but this new section will guide them to the complete team of vendors, entertainers, photographers, rental companies, etc. who will help make their event a success. What do we call this special service? You'll just have to wait to find out ;)

I've got to get back to work so we can get this baby launched. Follow our Twitter hashtag #thepartystartssoon for more screenshot reveals and up-to-the-minute announcements.


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