The End of the CD?

Posted by Drew Stoga on November 7, 2011


Do you remember the first CD you ever bought? Can you imagine a day when you reminisce on the last CD you ever bought? That day might be coming sooner than you think.

According to a recent report from Side-Line Music Magazine, the major record labels may be planning to phase out the CD-format entirely, opting for a marketplace almost entirely dominated by digital sales and streaming. That would obviously be bad news for record stores, but what would it mean for musicians?

The article relies on multiple anonymous industry source who claim that by the end of 2012 the only new CDs that will be made available on the marketplace will be special limited edition releases and those will be primarily sold through, already the biggest CD retailer worldwide.

We all love our iPods and iPhones and quick, easy access to a world of music but are you ready for an industry entirely dominated by the likes of iTunes and Amazon? Would you miss record stores? Would this make things even more difficult for independent musicians? And what would you sell at your merch table?!


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