Tech Talk: Get Organized With Google

Posted by Drew Stoga on April 12, 2011

GoogleWelcome to "Tech Talk" - our new weekly feature where we offer up social media and tech advice to help you performers, vendors and event professionals conquer the internet. Our goal is keep it simple so that even the biggest technophobes out there can further their business on the web.

This week we want to talk about Google - because, well, you can't talk about the internet for long without talking about Google.

As we mentioned last week when we introduced you to Google +1, Google has released dozens of products over the years. Some are absolutely essential and some are total flops. Today we are going to talk about those Google products that can help you get organized and on your way to managing your business. Because the more organized you are the more time you have to devote to your craft.

Google Calendar - Every band has at least one disorganized member who can never remember when or where they are supposed to be. If you are sick of your drummer asking "what time is practice?" - then it's time to set up and share a free Google Calendar. Keep all your dates in one place for everyone to see.

Google Docs -Similarly useful in getting your band, group or ensemble organized are Google Docs, an easy way to share things like Word documents (lyric sheets, song lists, contracts), Excel spreadsheets (tour schedules, budgets) and much more.

Google Alerts - One thing that every artist and business owner should do is set up a Google Alert. This way every time your name (or your band name, business name, etc.) is mentioned anywhere online - Google lets you know. A great way to monitor and influence what is being said about you online.

In addition to these no brainers, Google is also always moving into other markets. Most of you wedding planners out there probably heard that Google recently released Google Weddings and there are even reports that Google will soon be launching a music service. If they haven't already thought of everything, they are certainly trying.


Any Google fans or haters out there? Any Google products we missed? Let us know in the comment section below.



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