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Posted by Drew Stoga on October 11, 2011


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There has been a ton of Social Media and Tech action in the news recently (what else is new?). In our monthly Tech Roundups, we do our best to comb through all the techie chatter to bring you the news you can really use; the stories that can help you, the gigging entertainer.

This week we are also happy to announce that we have our own big social media news to share!

All you GigMasters members out there may have noticed something a little different about your Profiles recently. Last Friday we added three new social media icons at the top of every Profile!

Now anytime someone clicks the Facebook 'like,' the Twitter 'tweet' or the Google '+1' button on your Profile, they'll be telling their entire network about your GigMasters page! It's a great way to spread the word about your get social and start telling the world!

So that's big news but there are also a few little things going on out there in the Tech's a quick recap:

  • Facebook (finally) released an iPad app. TheNextWeb has the scoop on the app.
  • There's been a lot of talk recently about Spotify and a few similar music-listening sites. Fast Company explains when, if ever, artists can expect to get paid for streaming their music.
  • There's been even more talk about all the changes Facebook has been introducing. If you aren't yet burnt out on Facebook news, check out Mashable's guide to filling in your Facebook timeline.
  • Of course the biggest news in the Tech world is the untimely passing of Steve Jobs. We are big fans of the Apple founder and totally understand the outpouring of grief that has followed his death, but Fast Company put together a nice piece that set out to answer why he meant so much to so many. The article is titled 'The Meaning of Steve Jobs' and it's an interesting read with some truly touching sentiments.


What is going on in your world? We want to know what you think about the big Tech stories this week. Leave us a comment and let us know.



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