Tech Roundup: Tumblr Up, Myspace Down, Paste Back!

Posted by Drew Stoga on June 28, 2011

Computer CablesIt's been a busy week in the Tech world, but isn't it always? Everyone knows we love our entertainment news and we love our interwebs, so we do our best to keep up with this stuff. We realize following all this can be a bit tricky...thank goodness for our Tech Roundup!First but not foremost, Myspace has continued it's free fall. Sadly this Hypebot report claims that the company is laying off 150 more employees this week. Another rumor (from AllThingsD) has NewsCorp selling Myspace for just 5% of what it paid for it in 2006. It's easy (and kind of fun) to pick on Myspace but our hearts go out to all those losing their jobs.

UPDATE: It's official. Myspace sold for $35 million, a lot less than the $100 million NewsCorp originally asked for...And apparently Justin Timberlake is getting involved.

While Hypebot reported that Tumblr is giving Facebook a run for it's money, Mashable pointed out a phishing scam that may have hit thousands of Tumblr users. Oh also, Lady Gaga joined Tumblr. So they got that going for them.

Fast Company reports that AOL has teamed with Slacker to provide streaming radio. Basically it's AOL's attempt at taking on Pandora. Speaking of the internet radio giant, at least one financial expert (from The Wall Street Journal) advises passing on their IPO.

And finally - after a brief hiatus from publishing. perennial music magazine Paste is back! with a subscription-based website and music player. Imagine that - words and music you have to pay for!

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