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Posted by Marissa Latshaw on May 22, 2014

Rick Buckholz at GigMasters

Yesterday marked the 6th anniversary of our super smart, super slick Senior Marketing Manager, Rick Buckholz. After our founders Mike & Kev, Rick is next in line as being with GigMasters the longest. He's one of the few people who knows what we're talking about when we say the old-old Redding office.

Rick started at GigMasters squeaky fresh out of college as an intern, hitting the phones and sending emails. Since then, he's been a driving force behind building our member community to 35,000+ event professionals. He works incredibly hard and has an impressive understanding of what makes our business tick. But, most of all, he really is one of the nicest people I've ever worked with - even when he's hangry he's smilin'. (Hangry = Hungry + Angry) But don't take it from me - here's what his peeps have to say:

"Rick is a positive force who brings incredible enthusiasm and leadership to the Marketing Department each and every day. He’s also a Renaissance Man – capable of chatting beer with the bros, celebrity gossip with the gals (not his first choice, I’m sure), and business with our members. Everyone on the GM team is truly lucky to work with Rick. He could have pursued his true calling as the 5th member of 98 Degrees, and we would never have known how fun it is to collaborate with him on a project, or simply enjoy an adult beverage with him while he leads random bar chants. Thankfully, he took an internship with GM and the rest is history." -- SlickNic

"Working with Rick is easy because he has the extensive knowledge of GigMasters, knows the members, knows what our leads want, and knows us. He’s always willing to lend a hand and help flesh out an idea with you even if it means he’s got to stick around later to finish his own work. Total team player – and will totally defend your side if your bribe includes fancy beers or pizza! Just kidding… kind of!" -- KMezz

"It’s basically impossible to have a bad day when you’re working with Rick. Have you seen that million watt smile?!" -- Sarge

"Rick is "The Middle Man." Literally, he sits in the middle of the office. More importantly, he's a true team player who understands and can relate to each department. He's also a great golfing buddy. Congrats to 7 years, man!" -- PG

"Rick is super positive, always willing to help, and has a great sense of humor! (He has to, putting up with all the wisecracks from us Marketing ladies)" -- Chelsea-belle

And, of course...

"Skinny neck, huge motivation." -- the one and only, Ink

Join me in congratulating Rick on 6 years (actually 7 years if you count the internship)...


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