Quick Tip: Organize Your Feedback

Posted by Drew Stoga on September 9, 2011

FeedbackHave we ever mentioned the importance of client feedback? Only about a million times. By now I am sure you get it. Client feedback is what determines your GigMasters rating, but beyond that, it's also what potential clients use to determine whether or not they can trust you. It can easily mean the different between getting the gig and staying at home.

Did you know that you can control what client feedback is displayed on the front page of your Profile? Or that you can also control the sequence in which they appear?

Well, now you do.

By default, your latest feedback goes to the bottom of the list. That means if you get an amazing new feedback it could get lost...unless you move it to the top of the queue.

Follow these simple steps to organize your client feedback:

1. Log into your Control Panel

2. Go to your 'profile' tab

3. Click the 'Edit' link for 'Client Feedback'

4. Edit the sequence of feedback and select which feedback should display on front of Profile

4. When finished, click the 'Update' button at the bottom of the page.

That's it!

Remember to keep the feedback in and now you know how to keep them organized.

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