Quick Tip: Link Your GigMasters Memberships

Posted by Drew Stoga on September 30, 2011

linksHave more than one GigMasters membership? If you are man or woman of many talents or need to cover multiple areas, you might have multiple GigMasters memberships and Profiles (remember, each additional membership comes at a 50% discount so why not get a few?!). Connecting your related Profiles is a great way to get more bang for your buck and make potential clients aware of your many talents.

For example, let's say you are a DJ who lists in in Atlantic City, NJ. You also have a karaoke setup, so you also list as a Karaoke DJ in Atlantic City, NJ. GigMasters allows you to link your two (or more) Profiles, letting clients get a full picture of what you have to offer. Maybe they'll book your DJ service for their wedding and your karaoke service for the bachelor party! But they might not even be thinking about karaoke until they see it linked on your DJ Profile.

Make sense?

Follow these steps to add a link to a related Profile:

1. Log in to your Control Panel.

2. Select one of your memberships.

3. Click on the 'profile' tab.

4. Click 'Edit' for the last option, 'Related Profiles.'

5. Enter the name of the membership you would like to link to and click 'search.'

6. Select the membership you are linking to on the next page and click 'Update.'

*Please note - this process adds a link to the Profile you selected after logging in. You will have to repeat this process from your membership to get the link to work both ways.



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