Quick Tip: Google Yourself!

Posted by Drew Stoga on August 26, 2011

google logoHave you Googled yourself recently? Don't be shy...we all do it. Not only is it a thrill to see your name on a Google results page, it's also fun to meet other people out there who share your name! But more importantly it's a good way to take stock of your online presence. You never know what people could be saying about you...

If you are a GigMasters member and you have Googled yourself recently, you may have noticed something different about the results for your GigMasters Profile. Thanks to some handy work from our GigMasters Tech team, Google now displays our members' star ratings right on their search results pages (note: this functionality only works for performers and vendors with four and five star ratings. Another reason to get more client feedback!)

Studies have shown that seeing these sorts of ratings on search results page make searchers more likely to click through. This is another way we are doing what we can to send more traffic your way.

So, go ahead and Google yourself to see it first-hand. No one's watching.

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