Quick Tech Tip: Twitter Photo Galleries

Posted by Drew Stoga on September 27, 2011

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A lot of people's biggest complaint about Twitter has often been that it was too simple (even though this directness is what some of us find so appealing about Twitter). It lacks the robustness of the Facebook experience, they'd say, where you can browse a whole lot more than just 140 character messages.

If you were one of these naysayers, you are probably a fan of Twitter's new User Galleries. A few months ago, Twitter users woke up one morning to find their recently uploaded photos were now displayed right on their profile page. The User Gallery itself is a collection of all of the photos you've uploaded to Twitter, using either Twitter-itself or apps like TwitPic or Instagram (you get to the User Gallery by clicking the "view all" link for "Recent Images").

It's important to know that these galleries not only display the photos you have uploaded, but also any photos you have replied to or retweeted. That means if your buddy posts an embarrassing photo and you reply to it, anyone who visits your Twitter page is going to see that photo.

Take a second to look at your profile (they way other people would). See any photos you aren't so happy with? You can get rid of them by deleting the Tweet itself. Also remember to check out your User Gallery and check for any other objectionable photos that aren't so recent.

Always remember that for better or worse Twitter, Facebook and the other social sites aren't all fun and games. What you post takes on a life of its own, so be careful out there!


Any questions? Check out the Twitter Help Center entry for User Galleries or leave a comment to ask us!

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