Profile Update: Select Your Featured Categories

Posted by Drew Stoga on January 10, 2013

It just keeps getting better! We're not going to stop working on your GigMasters profile until it's absolutely perfect. Today's update: Featured Profile Categories. Here's what that's all about:

When we first launched your newly redesigned profile, you didn't have the ability to control which of your categories were featured on the top of your profile...but now you do! We'll tell you how in a sec, but first, a screenshot so you can see what we're talking about:

Featured Category The category in bold is your Primary Category. Just below that are your two Featured Categories that you can now control. You're welcome to pick from any of your categories, you just can't use the same category in both Featured Category slots.

We recommend selecting two categories that best describe what you do. Or you might think about picking two of our more popular categories but only if they truly apply to your skill set.

To Edit Your Featured Profile Categories:
1. Log into your Control Panel
2. Go to the "profile" tab
3. Click "Edit" for "Featured Profile Categories"
4. Select your categories and click "Update"

That's it! You're in business!

Here's another screenshot for the road:

Featured Profile Categories

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