Pop Quiz: Categories That Benefit Your Business

Posted by Mary Ellen Skawinski on May 6, 2014

If you’re one to regularly check in here on the Inside the Gig blog— which we always recommend you do!— you may have seen a recent “how-to” article geared toward our Lite members. In it, we explored the significance of selecting the right categories and what impact these labels actually have on your search results rankings (and, of course, how to go in and select different categories in your MCP). But after thinking more on the overall importance of category selection, it occurred to us: this is subject matter that every member should be educated on.

So take our brief quiz and see how you score when it comes to your knowledge of category selection…

1. True or False: The categories you list in have a direct impact on your search results rankings.

2. Pro Members can list in up to ___ categories:
a. 2
b. 6
c. 12
d. 18

3. True or False: It’s better to opt for the most specific category possible when choosing your primary category.

4. In order to add/edit your categories, you must go to the _____ tab in your MCP:
a. Leads
b. Profile
c. Account
d. Tools

5. True or False: The more categories you list under, the more chances you’ll have to appear on a wider variety of search results pages.

...Ok, pencils down! Now let’s review the correct answers:

1. Answer: True
Many of you are already aware that there’s an algorithm that fuels our search results pages. Factored into that formula is a wide variety of elements, including the categories you list in. Your Primary Category, in particular, is a chief component to your individual ranking. That’s why it’s critical that you match that category up with one that’s keyed in often on search engines like Google and Bing, as well as directly on GigMasters.
A breakdown of some our top categories
2. Answer: c. 12
Only Lite members are limited to two categories. Basic members can select up to six categories while Pro members get double that amount with a category total of 12. Only Gold members are given the option of listing in 18 categories.
Your number of categories is based on your membership level

3. Answer: False
Put yourself in the client’s shoes. If you’re looking to book a magician for a kid’s party in Austin, chances are you’ll type into Google some combination of the terms “kid friendly,” “birthday party,” “magician,” and “Austin.” So while you may technically be a “comedy magician,” keep in mind the fact that many clients out there might not initially think to search for something that precise. Of course, you absolutely should zero in on any and all applicable, genre-specific labels when selecting your remaining five, 11, or 17 categories.
Searching for Magician in New York
4. Answer: b. Profile
Once there, simply click on the “Edit” button alongside “Category Options” to view a full listing of the category options available. Once you’re finished selecting new or different categories, hit the “Update Categories” button to save your changes.
How to add/edit categories in your MCP
5. Answer: True
Think of it this way, by listing in every generic and specific category for which a client may search, you’ll be ensuring your profile receives as many visitor hits as possible. We should note though, this isn’t an invitation to go on a frenzy checking off every possible category. Each and every one you choose should be a true reflection of the service(s) you offer. Anything beyond that will likely result in a dead end gig request (a.k.a. a waste of the client’s and your time!)

Select as many relevant categories as possible

So how’d you score? If you aced it with a 5 out of 5, consider yourself a category expert (then go home and post this up on the refrigerator for all to admire!) But if any of the questions had you at all unsure about categories and how they work, then you may want to take a few notes on the points we reviewed here. And, you can always call one of our helpful Account Specialists (866-342-9794) for a quick tutoring session.

In the end, we understand that with all the competition out there, increasing the amount of traffic that reaches your profile can be downright difficult. That’s why we’re revealing this dynamic piece of the puzzle, so that you can act accordingly and secure your profile the maximum exposure it deserves.

Mark this down as another course completed at the GigMasters Academy!

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