Open Thread: What Makes A Great Venue?

Posted by Drew Stoga on September 29, 2011

TheaterMaybe it's because the seasons are changing (at least they are supposed to be) and we are starting to spend more and more time indoors, but we have venues on the mind. Outdoor summer shows are long over for many parts of the let's start talking about where to perform indoors.

We want to hear from you, yes, YOU. After all you are the expert on what makes a great venue.

Of course the word "venue" means different things to different people. Whether it's Madison Square Garden, a coffee shop or the auditorium at a local high school, there are certain things that every venue, what are they?

What type of venues do you like to play? What do you look for in a venue? What can a venue do to help you perform your best? What's your favorite local venue to play and what's your favorite for seeing others play?

Dare we even ask what makes a bad venue? I'm sure you have some thoughts on that topic too!

So leave a comment and let us know!!



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