Open Thread: GigMasters’ Mobile Control Panel

Posted by Drew Stoga on October 2, 2012

GigMasters MobileHow can we improve the GigMasters Mobile Control Panel? That is the question. And we think that you - yes you - might just have the answer…

Last time we did a post like this we got some great feedback about improving our Profiles. We listened to every comment and are currently hard at work giving our Profiles a major facelift. Now it’s time to do the same for GigMasters Mobile!

Currently all of our members can use GigMasters Mobile to access their leads and bids, submit new bids and redeem online payments. We have seen all of these features get a good deal of use in the year or so since our original launch. Now it’s time to improve those features and add a few more.

The Mobile Control Panel is, of course, for our members so we want to make sure that we develop tools that work for you and your specific needs. That’s why we need your help! We want to know exactly what you’d like to see in the new Mobile Control Panel.

Here are a few questions to get you started. Please answer in the comment section below:


What do you think of our current mobile features (leads, bidding, online payments)?
Is GigMasters Mobile easy to use? How could we improve our current features and layout?
Which of the following new features would you like to see added to GigMasters Mobile?

    • Edit Profile/Upload Media, etc.
    • Renew, Upgrade and Create New Memberships
    • Update Billing, Banking and Contact Information
    • Check GigMasters Stats
    • Pay Outstanding Balances


Any other features you’d like to see us add to the GigMasters Mobile Control Panel? Let us know below!


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