Mobile Backstage Comes to Facebook, Offers Free Beta Memberships

Posted by Drew Stoga on September 14, 2011

Back in July we introduced you to Mobile Backstage, a new social media platform that makes it easy for bands and artists to engage with their fans. At the time we thought it was a pretty neat idea and certainly one to keep an eye on. We are glad we did because Mobile Backstage has just released an exciting new Facebook version of their software and is offering FREE beta memberships to qualifying bands and musicians.*

Here is a quick description of the service from their press release:

The new Mobile Backstage (Facebook Version) allows you to communicate with your fans, in real time and in a more intimate and engaging environment than any other social media platform. Now, if you have 1000+ Facebook fans, you can get your own FREE Mobile Backstage (Facebook Version) by joining our exclusive introductory beta offer here

And here are a couple screenshots to give you an idea of what to expect from Mobile Backstage:

mobile backstagemobile backstage

*The one catch to the free membership - you must have at least 1,000 Facebook fans. Mobile Backstage tells us that they intend to extend their service to smaller, developing bands in the future but we think this is a pretty good start.

Facebook has long been a Catch 22 for artists as it can help with networking and fan outreach but only to a point. Perhaps the new Facebook version of Mobile Backstage can help overcome Facebook's music marketing obstacles? Maybe it's a fun new way to engage with and grow your fan base?

Either way - it's free, so it is probably worth a try.


We really really want to know what you think of Mobile Backstage. Please let us know if you sign up for a membership. Good luck!



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