Making the Most of Your GigMasters Profile

Posted by Nicole Steeger on December 20, 2013

We’ve given the entire site a makeover with the goal of improving the client experience and getting our members booked more than ever before!

The new site design includes some exciting changes to our profile pages. Well, scratch that…they are really YOUR profile pages, and we know you rely on them to help you get booked. That’s why the new member profile design gives you the space and tools that will allow you to impress a client before they even scroll down the page. With the new Profile Cover Photo, clients will see who you are and what you do, in a big, visual way!

Let's talk about how you can make your profile your own...



One of the first things you should do is update your Profile Cover Photo. Right now, we have a “stars” placeholder photo that will display on your profile until you update it with your own custom photo. We suggest you replace that photo immediately, and show clients what makes you and your service stand out.

To replace your photo, you will need to log into your Control Panel and visit the photo upload page (you can get to it from the ‘profile’ tab). Below are instructions and screenshots to help you make the change.

We recommend uploading a landscape-oriented photo. Once uploaded, if you’d like to crop your photo, select the area on the image that you’d like displayed and then click the ‘Crop’ button. We recommend your Profile Cover Photo to be 1200 wide x 238 high.

If you want to see what some of your fellow members are doing with this space, check out our blog post that will give you some inspiration.

You may also want to change the thumbnail photo of your profile. What’s that you ask?

It’s this photo here:

The photo you choose for your Thumbnail Photo is the same one that will be used in search results. So, you’ll want to make sure it’s a good representation of you and your business.

If you’d like to change it, just find the Thumbnail/Search Results Photo section of the photo uploader. We suggest resizing this photo to fit a 400 wide x 353 high space.


ABOUT Section

We’ve enhanced the ABOUT section of your profile. This section now includes tabs for your Overview, Bio, Available For, Song List, and Categories.

The new Overview tab is a great place for you to provide quick snapshot of what you want clients to know about you. This tab also displays any “Awards & Achievements” you may have associated with that profile.

You will also notice that the right-hand side of the ABOUT section of your profile includes places where you can highlight a Featured Offer and Featured Review.

Featured Review

That’s right, you still have the ability to select a featured review that will live in the ABOUT section of your profile. We recommend selecting a positive review that gives potential clients a glimpse at just how wonderful you are!

Here’s how:

Go to the Review page in the profile tab of your Control Panel. Select ‘Featured Review’ for the feedback of your choice and click the ‘Update’ button. As a quick note, you may only select a featured review that came from a GigMasters booking.



Featured Offer

But wait, that’s not all. You can also pick a Featured Offer to display in the ABOUT section of your profile. In the Offers section of the Control Panel, you can select your Featured Offer by dragging it into the ‘Featured Offer’ box (see screenshot below).



When you visit the Media section of your profile, you’ll see that this area is still divided up into Videos, Photos and Audio subsections. Now, the tab that has the most media uploaded will be the one that appears when you land on that section of the profile. So, you'll want to be sure that you really populate whichever section you would like clients to see when they visit your Media section.

We talked about your Profile Cover Photo and your Thumbnail Photo earlier, but as far as the rest of your media is concerned, you can still upload everything the same way you always have in your Control Panel.


There’s lots to love about the new profiles, and we hope that you’ll find them to be a great tool for attracting clients and getting more leads!

As always, if you need help navigating your new profile, uploading images, or just want to chat - give us a call at 866-342-9794 or email

We hope you love your new look – and here’s to boosting your bookings in 2014!


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