Make the Most of Twitter With Twitter Lists

Posted by Drew Stoga on August 2, 2011

twitter-logoVolumes have been written (some of them by us) about how great Twitter is for promotion, marketing and networking. Using Twitter to raise awareness of your band, product or whatever else is great but if that is all you are using it for, you are missing out on the true power of Twitter.

Believe it or not, it's not all about you and your 140 characters.

If used properly Twitter can be a phenomenal resource for learning, researching and staying up to date with the latest trends in your industry (Twitter has also proven to be an incredible force in breaking news stories). You just have to shut up and listen!

On my personal Twitter account I follow friends and colleagues but also music and technology writers, musicians and record labels, news publications and all sorts of other people and organizations I find interesting. I have read literally hundreds of articles that I would never have come across without Twitter. All of these Tweets and articles have helped keep me informed and led to many of my own blog posts here and on our Life of the Party Blog.

One problem that many Twitter newbies have is the speed at which Twitter moves. Tweets can have a pretty short life-span, especially if you follow hundreds of active Tweeters. Unless you are routinely (more like obsessively) checking your feed, you are going to miss a lot of important stuff. That's why I highly recommend setting up Twitter lists.

One of the cool thing about Twitter lists is that you don't have to follow someone to put them in a list. Say, for example, that you have a passing interest in social media, but you don't want a ton of techy stuff clogging your main feed. You could make a 'Social Media' lists and include accounts like Mashable, The Next Web, TechCrunch, etc. If you don't follow these accounts you will only see their Tweets when you feel like checking out your 'Social Media' list. You can do the same thing with keyword searches too. In essence, creating Twitter lists let's you build multiple Twitter feeds.

You can also make these lists private. Maybe you stay in touch with some past clients via Twitter, but you don't need the whole world to know who has hired you. You can create a 'Clients' list and set it to private. Now you will have all of your clients Tweets organized into a single feed, but no one else will know. (Read more on lists in the Twitter Help Center)

For more on lists and other helpful Twitter suggestions, check out this article from The Next Web. And yes, I found that article on Twitter!


Let us know what you think of Twitter and what sort of Twitter strategies you find most effective. Leave a comment!


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