Link Roundup

Posted by Drew Stoga on August 1, 2011


As always, there was a lot going on in the music and entertainment industries last week. That's why we follow the links to dig up the most relevant, interesting and sometimes weird stories we can find for you professional and amateur entertainers out there. Here is what we discovered this time:

The iconic alternative music video show 120 Minutes has returned to MTV2. They even dug up former host Matt Pinfield! A lot of us grew up on the show but does anyone want to sit through 2 hours of music videos in 2011? I didn’t even know MTV2 was still around!

Speaking of MTV, the station is about to celebrate its 30th birthday. The NY Post interviews many of those who helped launch the station that defined a generation (or two or three).

Hypebot reports that a new digital music study predicts that global music revenues will nearly triple by 2015, thanks largely to subscription-based services. This has got to be good news, right?

Another great piece from Hypeot: 10 Tips to Advance Your Music Business Career.

Our friend Bob Baker also dropped by Hypebot with a warning for all bands: Do NOT to start a Google+ account.

Missed last weekend’s Newport Folk Festival? Relive it here on NPR (and check out our Summer Music Festival Guide to see what fests are left this summer).

Finally, The Telegraph reports that "Making music can help overcome depression." Well, duh!

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