Link Round Up: 7/7/11

Posted by Drew Stoga on July 7, 2011

newpaperWe thought the news was supposed to slow down over the summer. So much has happened since our last link round up, we decided we had to do another one to keep you abreast of everything going on in the music, entertainment and tech industries...because there is a lot.

We already told you about the new details emerging about the Myspace deal. But to sum it up again: News Corp bought Myspace in 2005 for $580 million and sold it last week for just $35 million. The new owners, Specific Media, hired Justin Timberlake who is considering developing an American Idol-type singing competition. Didn't see that coming...

In other news:

Music sales are up. For the first time since 2004. The New York Times explains that the record business has digital music to thank.

The Washington Post reports that a controversial mariachi union is being formed to protect the rights of mariachis in the streets of LA. Apparently competition is so stiff amongst strolling singers looking for work that mariachi fights are on the rise.

They may not spend their days plugged into iPods but Baby Boomers love their music (they were around for the 1960’s after all). So it makes sense that AARP (yes, that AARP) is using the Pandora model to get an older generation hooked on digital music, right? (New York Times) thinks Google+ is so perfect for music it may steal fans from Facebook. We’ll see what Facebook’s Music plans have to say about that.

Speaking of Facebook, in a well-hyped press conference, they announced the release of video chat powered by new partners Skype. After watching the presentation, we think Zuckerberg has nothing on Steve Jobs in the hoopla department.

The Next Web asks 'What if tech companies ran the music business?’ It’s starting to seem that we might be finding out pretty soon.

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