Limelight Adds New Song Licensing Features (Plus a Piano-Playing Dog)

Posted by Drew Stoga on September 6, 2011

LimelightInside the Gig is all about helping our GigMasters members (and anyone else who is reading) further their entertainment careers. GigMasters is the best place on the web to get gigs but there are plenty of other great services out there that can help you with other aspects of your business. And when we find one, we don't keep it to ourselves.

We've already told you a bit about Limelight, the song clearance website operated by (refresh your memories by reading this post). The good news is that this already useful site just got a serious upgrade.

Limelight is all about making it extremely easy to secure the rights to cover songs. It's a great utility for musicians, bands, labels, choirs and any other musical group that wants to cover other people's material.

Why is it important to clear cover songs you ask?

Good question.

We asked Alex Holz, VP of Artist & Community Relations at RightsFlow and he broke it down for us:

"It's important to clear cover songs on two fronts. First, to be legal, U.S. Copyright law warrants that you have a mechanical license in place when selling or distributing a composition that you didn't write. No need to put yourself at risk for infringement or to have your music pulled down by a digital retailer. Secondly, and just as important, is the need to acknowledge and compensate your fellow songwriters for their work as we all aspire to be paid as working musicians."

There you have it.

Last week Limelight announced a couple of upgrades and site enhancements to help with things like clearing multiple songs at once and re-ordering song licenses. The site also got a spiffy redesign making it easier than ever to use (check it out at Limelight has also begun a referral program where you can earn cash by referring a friend to their service. So they have that going for them too.

All of that is very cool and exciting but what really sold us was the video Limelight released to promote the changes. If you like videos of basset hounds playing the piano, then this is pretty much your Citizen Kane:

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