Late August Link Roundup!

Posted by Drew Stoga on August 22, 2011

LinksLINKS! We got your links here!

A lot is going on in the increasingly linked worlds of the live entertainment, music and tech industries these days. Keeping up with all this news is practically a full-time job. That's why we surf the web for the latest and the greatest industry news and deliver it to you in our Link Roundups.

Let's get started.

Last week's Hypebot report on Musedash introduced us to the newest "social media dashboard" for musicians. Musedash seems to offer rich analytics as well as the ability to post content (presumably audio and video) to multiple platforms at once. If you feel like you are losing precious moments of your life by posting the same thing to YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, etc...this might be worth checking out.

Hypebot also shared 21 Great Ways to Collaborate With Other Artists To Get More Fans.

Over on HostBaby's blog, CDBaby posted what they think every musician's website should have. They started with six items and when we pointed out that they had forgotten "Tour Dates" they made it an even seven. It's all about teamwork people!

TechCrunch reports that Spotify is hiring. A lot of people. Still don't know much about Spotify? Check out our introduction to the service.

But not everyone is celebrating Spotify. Check out The Downside to Spotify according to

Last but not least, The Next Web gave us 4 Formats and Services That Could Save the Music Industry. What do you think can save the music industry? And does it really need saving?


Anything else we missed? Let us know by leaving a comment.




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