How to be #1 on GigMasters by Matthew Cutillo

Posted by Drew Stoga on November 14, 2011

Matthew Cutillo

When singer and acoustic guitarist Matthew Cutillo (Amityville, NY) told us he was writing a book about GigMasters, we didn’t know what to expect. As a five-star member who holds the GigMasters record for the most client feedback (336 reviews so far and they're all positive) Matt is one of our most successful members of all time. But did that mean he could write a book that could help others succeed on GigMasters?

Well, Matt’s impressive How to be #1 on is proof that he has some great lessons to teach his fellow performers.

A less motivated performer turned author probably couldn’t have pulled it off but Matt’s determination and perseverance is truly unmatched. After all, you don’t get hundreds of five-star reviews by being lazy!

Just like Matthew’s GigMasters Profile, his ebook is already starting to rack up five-star reviews on (the Kindle version was just released for only $7.99. The ebook is also available on iTunes and Barnes & Noble).

Here’s a sample review from an Amazon user:

“I just devoured this e-book. I will be reading it again and again later (more slowly)… I can already see several new ways (at least) that I will now be able to enhance the entertainment services that I have to offer.

This information will "raise the bar" on the quality of services that performers who are listed on GigMasters who buy this book will be able to deliver…it will greatly improve communication between performers and clients (as well as the satisfaction of clients), thereby increasing the value of live entertainment, even in economically unstable times.”

How to be #1 on will NOT teach you to play guitar or sing like Matthew. It also won’t teach you any of the “secrets” behind GigMasters – in part because there really aren’t any but also because Matthew wrote this book on his own without any involvement from GigMasters.

Clearly Matthew didn’t need our help. His track record proves that he knows what works on GigMasters.

Matthew understands that live entertainment is a service industry where keeping your clients happy is job #1. Above all else he preaches courtesy, respect and always going above and beyond for every single client. Those are lessons that we can get behind.

Check out Matthew on GigMasters and go get the ebook on Amazon, iTunes or Barnes & Noble.

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