How Google +1 Can Help Your Business

Posted by Drew Stoga on April 7, 2011

Google +1Important news from Google for any professional with any sort of web presence (GigMasters members - this means YOU!)

As reported on and by our friends at CD Baby, in an effort to bring in more advertising dollars and get more people to create and use Google Profiles, Google announced the development of "Google+1." Basically Google is taking the idea of the "Like" button from Facebook, one of Google's biggest advertising competitors, and applying it to the entire internet. When you are logged into your Google account and you click the "+1" sign beside a Google search result, your Google contacts will be able to see that you liked that result (isn't "like" a much better term than "+1"?).

This feature is still in testing but will be released soon. Whether or not the +1 concept will be widely used remains to be seen. We may very well seeing "+1" buttons become as pervasive as "Tweet" and "Like" buttons.

That said, independent musicians, performers, vendors and business owners of all types might be wise to experiment with the feature in the early stages. Google may even end up changing the way they deliver search results depending on "+1's" success so it certainly would not hurt to start earning some "+1s" from your friends and fans. For more info check out the Google +1 page.

UPDATE: Google +1 is now live. It's a subtle change for the average user but it could have a huge effect on social media, searching and Google's ongoing battle with Facebook. Let us know what you think about Google+1 by leaving a comment below.

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