Happy Anniversary, Katie!

Posted by Marissa Latshaw on July 29, 2013

Usually, when someone has an anniversary at GigMasters, we send around a team email talking about all of the contributions this person has made during their time at the company. But I was inspired this time to shout from the tree-tops in the best way I know how...on our blog!

Katie just had her 2-year anniversary at GigMasters - and, wow has she accomplished a lot in this time! She started out with us as a Customer Specialist and earlier this year moved into the Marketing department to assume a new position, Product Marketing Specialist. Katie seized this new position and made it her own. She manages many of the product enhancements that we announce here on Inside the Gig - like the new Offers feature and the new Member Badges project. Of course, she doesn't do this alone - she works so easily with other departments - I think the tech department has secretly adopted her. Her contagiously optimistic outlook (wink), her thoughtful, smart approach to challenges, her boundless energy, and her team-player attitude combine to make her not only incredibly effective at her job, but pure fun to be around.

I could go on...and I will...When it's a staff member's birthday or anniversary, and Katie learns they like guacamole, she'll whip some up for 30 people like it's nothing (that's A LOT of avocados), she even roasted enough turkey to feed the staff at Thanksgiving time! She does these things from the heart - maybe that's why it looks so effortless.

Since she is always making us all feel so special, I want to invite everyone at GigMasters to use the comments below to make Katie feel special!

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