Habits of GigMasters Top 100 Bookers

Posted by Peter G on April 11, 2014

While there's no secret formula for success, there are a few things you can do to keep your calendar full. We analyzed the behavior and profiles of GigMasters top 100 bookers and came up with tips to help you get booked.

86 Reviews - Sure, that’s a lot of reviews, and for a new member, it’s a pretty intimidating number. But here’s the thing - good reviews lead to more good reviews. They can help you build trust with future clients as well as improve your standing on GigMasters.

9 Categories - Listing your service in several categories is a great way to gain more exposure (as long as those categories actually represent what you do). Listing in multiple categories can drastically improve your booking numbers.

4 Profile Videos - Having a video on your profile will make you four times more likely to get booked. Videos show clients what you are all about, and allow them to get a sneak peek at what you could bring to their events.

23 Profile Photos - Seeing is believing - and clients want to see that you have worked other events. Quality profile photos show clients that you are a professional with a portfolio of event experience.

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Applying these basic principles to your own profile and business should help you increase your bookings!

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