Google, Limelight & CMJ Music Marathon

Posted by Drew Stoga on October 16, 2012

This week marks the start of the the annual CMJ Music Marathon which means that musicians and music biz types from all over the world are flocking to New York City to schmooze, booze and talk about the future of the industry. If I could suggest just one CMJ-related event for our musician members it would be the Google Musicians Gallery, an event taking place this Thursday 10/18 co-sponsored by Google+, Google Play, YouTube and our friends at Limelight and Rightsflow.

At this point the name "Google" is basically synonymous with getting things done on the web and we've already told you how Limelight can help you clear your cover songs...if you're a musician or just interested in where music is headed, you'd be wise to get in on the fun and hang out with these cool brands. Plus you might just spot a GigMasters rep enjoying happy hour!

Register here: or click the graphic below.


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