Google+ Launches for Brands (and You)

Posted by Drew Stoga on November 8, 2011

google+ logo

By now you've probably heard some buzz (inside tech joke) about Google+, maybe you've even signed up for a personal account. But what you haven't been able to do, until just yesterday, was create a Google+ page for your brand, company, group or band.

When the service first launched it was restricted to individuals but, as promised, Google+ is now open to all you bands, groups and companies out there.

Don't know much about Google+? Think of it as a more organized (and so far less popular) Facebook. The service allows you to segment who sees which of your posts, photos, etc. It could be awhile before Google+ gets to be anywhere near as popular as Facebook but it could happen and why miss out on an opportunity to connect with more fans?

Learn more about it the service in our Google+ post and sign up for your own Google+ page today.


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