Overheard on the Internet: GigMasters Reviewed by Music Forte

Posted by Drew Stoga on February 29, 2012

Remember when we suggested you use Google Alerts to keep track of what the Internet is saying about you? Well, we practice what we preach and this week our alert for “GigMasters” turned up a particularly interesting article that we may have otherwise missed. The post, titled GigMasters Review for Musicians, was written by one of our members, Greg Percifield, who happens to also write for MusicForteNews.com.

The post describes, in detail, Greg’s experience with GigMasters so far. Let’s make one thing clear – we had nothing to do with Greg writing this post. In fact, we don’t even know Greg. Luckily for us he had some great things to say about our service and did a commendable job of describing how it all works.

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I’ve pulled out a few of my favorite quotes from the article but I really do recommending reading the whole post here: http://www.musicfortenews.com/gigmasters-review-for-musicians/.

Greg makes a good point early on when he says “GigMasters does not create better musicians, it creates more opportunities for everyone that uses their service.” That’s certainly true – we don’t give guitar lessons. The only lessons we give out are about how to deal with clients and set up Profiles.

Speaking of which, here’s Greg’s take on what works on GigMasters Profiles and what doesn't:

I have viewed many profiles, and thought to myself, "Wow. That is not very good." Not surprisingly, those were the artists who had not booked any or many gigs. On the flip-side, I have seen profiles that have been hired for many gigs, and thought, "Wow. They have their music AND presentation together."

That pretty much hits the nail on the head. To have success with GigMasters, you of course need talent but you also have to put in time to create a great Profile and stay up to date on your bids.

Greg raises another good point about picking your performer categories:

Quite often, I have seen artists list their music in directories, choosing every possible genre that they could. In their minds, they are thinking more genres equals more exposure. This is true only up to the point that you are still correctly identifying yourself. Choose the categories/genres that accurately describe you and not by what you think will gather the most views.

Sound familiar? Yeah, we’ve given you the same category advice before. Greg sums it all up when he describes the importance of creating a great Profile: “By creating a great profile, you'll be sure to get more qualified leads and less waiting time.”

My favorite part of the article comes towards the end. I love it because it supports what I’ve said all along - GigMasters' Customer Experience team is the best in the business. I’m constantly impressed by how good, thorough and generally awesome our CE team is. Greg seemed to notice too:

I have been as pleased as I possibly could with the help GigMasters provides. They are efficient and fast. You will not find yourself waiting for a reply, and they are accessible by phone and email. If you have any questions, you can be sure that prompt attention will be given to you.

My second favorite part (OK, I’m gushing a little bit here) is actually right above the last quote. When explaining why he has no problem paying our 5% booking fee, Greg explains our relationship with our clients:

Remember, GigMasters is not just helping them find the right act, but it is providing a level of trust that they might not have otherwise.

What else can we say? That's what it's all about.

Do us a favor and read the post in full when you have a chance: http://www.musicfortenews.com/gigmasters-review-for-musicians/.

It’s a great read and I’m sure it will be nice to hear this come from a fellow member. We toot our own horns enough around here!

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