GigMasters' New Client Outreach Initiative

Posted by Drew Stoga on October 13, 2011

phoneThey say good help is hard to find. That might be true at some places, but not at GigMasters.

Our not-so secret weapon: our Customer Experience team. You just aren’t going to find a more helpful, nice and generally awesome group than these folks. They spend every day on our frontlines working hard to get our members more gigs. And now, thanks to a new client outreach initiative, they are more hands-on than ever before, guiding clients to their dream entertainment, one call at a time.

This initiative takes us one step closer to GigMasters’ ultimate goal of perfecting the experience of booking live entertainment.

So what’s it all about?

It’s about being pro-active with our potential clients. Now when a GigMasters request goes unbooked for more than a few days, a Customer Experience (CE for short) representative will call the client to see what they can do to assist with the entertainment search. Sometimes this means broadening the search to include additional categories, other times it means guiding clients to the bids they didn't realize they had already received.

Most importantly for our members, these calls often result in a booking. After helping a client find and book her wedding entertainment, Virginia reported that the bride-to-be thanked her profusely and said that she would not have had any wedding entertainment at all if it wasn't for GigMasters.

Since the new initiative kicked off early last month, the CE team has been making hundreds of additional calls every day. That’s no exaggeration – literally over one hundred calls per day to clients who haven’t yet booked. 1,900 calls in September alone and they're on track for many more this month.

The best part: the results have been overwhelmingly positive. It’s clear that clients appreciate the hands-on approach and are truly appreciative of the extra effort. Plus the calls resulted in an extra 100 bookings last month, more than enough to convince us that the effort is well worth our time.

At the very least these calls help our clients get a better understanding of the GigMasters system. We think it also shows that we care about every single request that comes through GigMasters.

So let’s hear it for the Customer Experience team! And here’s to more gigs!


UPDATE (12/11/12): This just in - as of today, GigMasters intrepid Customer Experience department has made 65,000 of these pro-active calls in 2012! That's right sixty-five thousand calls and that's on top of the high level calls coming in and out of our office every single day. Cheers to that!

We've had an overwhelmingly positive response to these calls and you can bet we plan on keeping them up into 2013 and beyond!


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