GigMasters' Buyer Protection Program Saves the (Wedding) Day

Posted by Drew Stoga on April 10, 2012


Today we have the heart-warming true story of how the GigMasters Customer Experience Department came to the rescue of one bride and groom-to-be who found themselves without any wedding entertainment. Oh yeah, this all happened the day before their wedding! We're so proud of our Customer Specialists and our new Buyer Protection program that we just had to tell the world. Read on for the story and, if you have any stories of your own, leave a comment and let us know!, the leading event entertainment booking service, put its new customer-focused Buyer Protection program to an early test last month when a guitarist, hired to play a wedding in Marco Island, Florida, was unable to perform at the last minute due to a death in his family.

As soon as GigMasters learned of the situation, just a day before the wedding, one of their dedicated Customer Specialists issued a full refund and began the search for a replacement performer. "I was over the moon to have any assistance," explained wedding planner Carrie Darling. "Within two hours we had a couple options. One wasn't even a GigMasters member, they just wanted to be sure we had someone."

"Whenever you're planning a special event, you can expect some last minute surprises," said Marissa Latshaw, VP of Marketing. "Our job is to alleviate party-planning stress -- we're not done until our clients are kicking back and enjoying their entertainment."

Soon, event planner and bride and groom-to-be had all agreed on GigMasters five-star guitarist Franklin Richard of Boynton Beach, FL, who "was an absolute hit with the guests" according to Darling. "My bride and groom couldn't have been happier. (They) had the perfect wedding day!"

GigMasters Co-Founder Michael Caldwell was quick to point out that "this instance of customer service heroics is exactly what our Buyer Protection program is all about."

"Customer service has always been at the core of our business," he continued. "Helping people plan weddings, birthdays and other milestone events is such a personal thing, it absolutely calls for a hands-on approach. Whether you are booking your entertainment a year in advance or it is coming down to the wire like in this example, we're happy to do everything we can to make sure everything goes smoothly."

Watch GigMasters' Buyer Protection video to see how Accountability, Payment Security and Customer Support come together to ensure that every client is happy with their entertainment booking experience.

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