Getting Started on GigMasters: Cars, Limos & More

Posted by Drew Stoga on March 6, 2013

For our new or returning friends who offer car, limo, party bus rentals and other transportation services…welcome! To help you make the most of your GigMasters membership and start booking gigs ASAP, here are the first 5 things you should do with your GigMasters account...Antique Wedding CarLimo










1. Choose Your Categories
GigMasters now offers a total of 26 transportation categories (you’ll find them all listed in the “Category Selections” page in the “profile” tab of your Control Panel). Depending on your membership level, you can list yourself in up to 6, 12 or 18 categories. It’s important that you pick categories relevant to the services you offer because your categories determine the types of leads you’ll receive. Check out this video for more.

photo2. Build up Your Profile with Photos & More
You want your profile to impress every potential client who come across it. No one is going to be impressed with a boring, empty profile. That’s why it’s important for you to upload photos of your cars to your profile ASAP. Your clients want to see what you have to offer, so do them a favor and start uploading! This video explains how.

You’ll also want to fill out your Profile Description with the details of your service. How long have you been in business? What types of cars do you have? Do you have a maximum number of passengers? The people want to know!

Leads3. Respond to Leads

Once you’ve tricked out your profile and gotten yourself in the right categories, you’ll start to receive client leads. It’s absolutely essential that you respond to every lead, even those that you are turning down. Our clients need to know if you’re available. If you’re not, or if you’re just not interested, please respond with a polite “no thanks.”

When you are interested in a gig, it’s time to bid. Make sure you include a rate in your bid – our system won’t let you book until you’ve done so. Don’t worry, your initial rate isn’t set in stone. If you and your client negotiate a different rate, you’ll be able to adjust it later.

You should explain your bid in the “Additional Info” section of your bid. This is your opportunity to sell your service and also ask the client any questions you might have.

phone4. Follow-up With a Phone Call

We suggest that you follow up every bid with a phone call. While there are different schools of thought as to when to follow up - some pick up the phone right away while others give the client a little more time – the important thing is that you make a personal connection over the phone. Check out this post for more.

GigMasters5. Complete The Booking On GigMasters
It's important to familiarize yourself with the GigMasters booking system as there are distinct advantages to booking your jobs through GigMasters. Not only do we offer features like contracts and online client payments, but every gig you book on GigMasters improves your placement in search results for your category and location. Plus, only GigMasters clients can leave client reviews on your GigMasters profile (and earning great client review is how you earn a great rating on GigMasters).

To sum that all often on GigMasters makes you look good, gets more eyes on your profile and gets you more leads.

And, here's a little secret...since our transportation categories are essentially brand new, you have a unique opportunity to claim the top spot in your area. We suggest you do everything you can to climb your way to the top.

Any Questions? Our Customer Experience team is here to help you make the most of your membership. After all, we see you as our partners. Contact us any time with your questions.

Happy Booking!

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