Getting Social With Your GigMasters Profile

Posted by Drew Stoga on August 7, 2012

Like ButtonSocial Media. Love it or hate it, you have to admit that it’s pretty big right now and there’s no reason to think that’s going to change any time soon.

Not convinced? Just consider Twitter’s 100 million users or Facebook’s 800 million, 500 million of whom interact with Facebook every single day. Promoting yourself on social media is pretty much essential in 2012 and, lucky for you, GigMasters is making it really easy.

Just take a look at the top right of your Profile (notice I didn’t say Profile) where you, or anyone else for that matter, can share your page to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or by email with the click of a button.

It gets better. We’ve added this same functionality to some of the keys pages of your Control Panel. Next time you update your song list or gig calendar or upload new photos, audio or video, you’ll have a chance to share the news with all your friends and fans on social media. Here’s a screenshot from the ‘Song List’ page:

Social Song List

We've saved the best for last!

Clearly we’re making it quite easy for you to get your Profile out into the world, but there’s even more good news. We’re making it just as easy for your clients to share your Profile with their friends. Now when you get booked on GigMasters, we encourage your clients to share your Profile via social media and email right on the Booking Success page. It's perfect timing. Our clients are psyched to have found the perfect entertainer or vendor for their event and they can't wait to tell their friends. GigMasters just got that much more social.


So don’t be shy! Let people know when you update your Profile and encourage your clients to help you get the word out. And don’t forget to come find GigMasters on Facebook and Twitter!


Need a refresher on how to share your Profile to the social world at large? This video will refresh your memory.

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