Funny Ha Ha: GigMasters' Top Comedians

Posted by Peter G on April 26, 2013

hire a comedianOver the years, here at GigMasters, we've met a lot of funny performers in all genres. So I was curious who our top Comedians and/or Clean Comedians were, in terms of overall bookings. With a little help from an Excel report, I was able to find and compile this talented group of characters...

1. The Buddy Flip Show
Astoria, New York
148 bookings

2. Don Tersigni
Chicago, Illinois
129 bookings

3. Rockn Randy
Howard Beach, New York
113 bookings

4. Paul Nardizzi
Framingham, Massachusetts
85 bookings

5. David Dilorenzo
Providence, Rhode Island
76 bookings

6. Patrick Hanifin
Anaheim, California
74 bookings

7. Chuck Montgomery
Huffman, Texas
65 bookings

8. Steve Mittleman
Los Angeles, California
62 bookings

9. Sam Adams
Parker, Colorado
60 bookings

10. Jason Love
Thousand Oaks, California
58 bookings

Honorable mention goes to Robin Fox from Hoboken with 51 bookings. If you're a comedian or any other kind of performer looking for more gigs...

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