Exploring musiXmatch– Online Lyric Database

Posted by Drew Stoga on May 9, 2011

musixmatchOn more than one occasion (actually, probably hundreds of occasions) I have turned to Google to help me find song lyrics that I can’t quite piece together. I imagine that just about everyone reading this has done the same. ‘Lyrics’ is one of the most frequently searched words on Google, so it can’t just be me.

Often a simple search for popular song lyrics can yield some terrible results. You will usually be able to get an answer but not until you wade through any number of questionable sites riddled with annoying pop-up ads. I have also noticed that different sites sometimes give slightly different lyrics.

This may be just a minor annoyance to the casual searcher but for a musician who needs to find the official lyrics, it’s a bigger problem.

All of this is to explain why I was immediately interested in this story about new website https://www.musixmatch.com/. While it’s not a particularly well-named website, musixmatch seems like a pretty cool service.

The goal is to create the world’s largest online database of searchable song lyrics and to do so legally without worry of copyright infringement. Beyond that, the site also allows songwriters to add their own lyrics to the collection and, in a perfect world, to make money off their lyrics through the site’s revenue-sharing model.

It’s a very promising idea and with over $3.7 million raised in funding thus far, clearly someone is taking it seriously.

Check out musixmatch for yourself and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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