Exploring GigMasters Mobile for Clients

Posted by Drew Stoga on July 10, 2012

GigMasters MobileTwo weeks ago we took you through the GigMasters Client Control Panel in an attempt to help you better understand exactly how your clients use GigMasters to request price quotes and book entertainment. Today we are going to take you through that same process, only this time on a mobile phone!

Every day we get an average of at least 100 gig requests from smartphones and other mobile devices. There's a whole mobile-optimized version of GigMasters for these clients on-the-go and it's about time you saw what that looked like.

When you visit GigMasters on a smartphone, you are automatically directed to GigMasters Mobile. It's a simpler, trimmed down version of GigMasters that's optimized for the small screen. The image to the left is a screen shot of our mobile homepage. You'll notice that emphasis is clearly on getting the entertainment search started though we have included a few other links:

Performer Sign In - That's your way of accessing your Mobile Control Panel.
About - A brief page explaining what we're all about.
Email Link - This triggers an email so a client can share GigMasters with a friend.
Full Site - A link to the full GigMasters.com, mostly for iPad users who can use our standard site.

Clicking 'Start Search' takes you to a simple search feature that asks for location, entertainment type (Bands, Dancers, DJs, etc.) and entertainment category (Acoustic Band, Belly Dancer, etc.). Check out the shot below on the left.

Clicking 'search now' takes you to a simple search results page. Your search result includes your name, thumbnail photo, rating, location and pay range. Check out the shot on the right.

GigMasters Mobile Search

GigMasters Mobile Search Results



















From here, a client can click on you to learn more. On the mobile version of your Profile (see below, left) the emphasis is clearly on the 'request free quote' button (we're doing everything we can to get you that lead!). The mobile Profile relies on a series of dropdowns - Description, Video, Audio, Photos and Feedback. Just like on the full version of your Profile, clicking 'request free quote' takes you to the contact form (see below, right). While the look of this form has been streamlined for mobile, all of the same fields are present here as on the full contact form. Tell your clients to fill out the entire form as best they can and, when they're done, click 'submit.'

NOTE: Here, just like on our full site, your client has the opportunity to ask us to contact additional performers.

Mobile Profile

Mobile Contact Form------

That's just about it. You are now officially a GigMasters Mobile master and you can walk any client through the request process. Just make sure they don't walk into anything while they're looking at their phone!

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