Converting Cover Songs to Cash

Posted by Drew Stoga on April 18, 2011

MoneyEverybody loves a good cover song. This isn't exactly shocking news. But what you may not have realized is that now more than ever cover songs are getting lesser known artists in front of bigger audiences.

Cover songs are also getting artists paid - something that can't be taken for granted with the current state of the music business.

Our friends over at Limelight are the experts when it comes to song licensing. Everyday they help musicians of every flavor clear cover songs and get the rights to release them via CD, download and other formats.

Limelight knows a thing or two about how musicians make money so we paid attention when they recently posted the two part blog series "Cash for Covers."

Part One - Three Easy Ways to Make Money from Releasing Cover Songs on Digital Music Stores - offers up some very well thought out strategies to help you sell your covers on iTunes and elsewhere.

Part Two of the series is Make Money Licensing Covers for Film, TV, and Ads, and Collecting Performance Royalties. The idea of getting one of your covers placed in a TV show or movie may seem like an impossible dream, but keep in mind you don't to aim for Steven Spielberg's next blockbuster. Placing a song on an independent film or TV show can pay well, and perhaps more importantly, expose you to a much larger audience.

We recommend checking out both of these articles. Savvy performers should always be on the look out for ways to get their music to more people. The lazy bird never gets the worm!


And while you are over on the Limelight blog, check out my guest post where I talk about a few of my own favorite covers.


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