Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

Posted by Drew Stoga on April 17, 2012

Coachella Festival

Summer must be right around the corner because the annual Coachella Festival is here! Actually its half over since for the first time the festival is taking place over the course of two weekends.

Seem a little early for a "summer" festival? Well its around 90 degrees today in the deserts of Indio, CA, where the festival is held. It's not even that much cooler here on the East Coast! So summer must be on its way!

Coachella is noteworthy because it marks the beginning of the festival season and it brings together an ecletic mix of indie artists, over the hill rockers, pop flavors of the moment, hip-hoppers, DJ culture and a whole lot more.

What was the weirdest thing that happened at Coachella? Probably this life-sized rapping Tupac hologram that performed alongside Snoop Dogg (caution-video definitely contains some adult language):

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