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What's Peace of Mind Worth?

Posted by Marissa Latshaw on January 27, 2015

Many of us here at GigMasters are parents, and we all agree that there's nothing more important than our children's safety. That's why we are proud to be the first event services marketplace to offer background checks on our vendors.

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Bust-Proof New Year Resolutions

Posted by Marissa Latshaw on January 5, 2015

More gym, less must be a new year! Instead of the usual resolutions, this year we set professional (and not so professonal) intentions - resolving to make 2015 GigMasters' best year yet.

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The Real Secrets to the Uber Economy

Posted by Marissa Latshaw on December 18, 2014

A recent piece on Quartz claimed that the secret to the "Uber economy" is wealth inequality - but when I look at our industry, I just don't see the cause and effect described.

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Spotlight on Rick

Posted by Marissa Latshaw on May 22, 2014

Yesterday marked the 6th anniversary of our super smart, super slick Senior Marketing Manager, Rick Buckholz. After our founders Mike & Kev, Rick is next in line as being with GigMasters the longest. He's one of the few people who knows what we're talking about when we say the old-old Redding office.

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How I Became a Professional Juggler

Posted by Marissa Latshaw on May 9, 2014

Ever wonder how one decides to become a professional juggler? I did - so I invited Michael Karas to share his inspiring story with us.

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