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Big News: GigMasters Partners With Evite

Posted by GigMasters on September 27, 2016

We're excited to announce a new partnership with the party experts at Evite®! This partnership puts GigMasters’ members in front of over 32 million registered users, planning over 7 million parties every year.

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What's Peace of Mind Worth?

Posted by GigMasters on September 17, 2015

Many of us here at GigMasters are parents, and we all agree that there's nothing more important than our children's safety. That's why we are proud to be the first event services marketplace to offer background checks on our vendors.

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Portable Contact Form

Posted by GigMasters on April 10, 2013

GigMasters Portable Contact Form to embed to you personal website.

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Member Spotlight: LaughNYC (Paul Corrigan)

Posted by GigMasters on March 27, 2013

Think you're making the most of social media? Do you have over 135,000 Twitter followers? Paul Corrigan does.

So who's Paul Corrigan? Paul is a GigMasters comedian and the founder of LaughNYC, a New York-based entertainment company. He's been in the comedy circuit for five years and has already built up a loyal following (as evidenced by his 135k Twitter followers). We recently asked Paul about his social media success and his history in the comedy business.

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Member Spotlight: Braveheart Bagpiper Eric Rigler

Posted by GigMasters on March 14, 2013

With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, it seemed only fitting to feature GigMasters’ 5-star bagpiper and Best of 2012 recipient Eric Rigler. Known as “the most recorded piper in history,” Eric has provided instrumental solos on a number of classic, award-winning films such as Titanic and Braveheart. He even performed at President Ronald Reagan’s funeral, providing a solo rendition of Amazing Grace.

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Who to Follow on Twitter Part 2 - Comedy

Posted by GigMasters on March 4, 2013

Twitter can be a great resource for entertainers and vendors if you know which accounts to follow. As we said in the first post of our new blog series,“Who to Follow on Twitter,” even if you never send out a single tweet, following the right people, organizations, and media outlets on Twitter is a great way to stay up to date and get a step ahead of your competition.

Our focus today is the world of comedy.

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Real Event Roundup: LEGOs, Power Rangers & A Real Wedding

Posted by GigMasters on February 27, 2013

We are proud of our members at GigMasters and love to show them off on our Life of the Party and Wedding blogs which are read by thousands of people who love to party. To show just how great our members are, we like to feature real GigMasters events that feature real GigMasters members that have exceeded our clients' expectations. Check out some of the 'real events' we have covered recently and find out what you can do to be get one of your gigs featured on the blogs:

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How to Opt Into Text Message Leads

Posted by GigMasters on March 28, 2012

  1. Go to your ‘account’ tab.
  2. Click ‘Edit’ for ‘Contact Information.’
  3. Find the ‘Mobile Phone’ field and enter your mobile phone number. Leads will be sent to whichever number is entered in this field.
  4. Check the box for ‘Receive Text Message Leads.’
  5. Click the ‘update’ button at the bottom of the page.
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Google+ Facebook-

Posted by GigMasters on July 21, 2011

Google+, the alternative to Facebook, is now 3 weeks old and has amassed 18 million users, according to Mashable's latest stats. The Google+ iPhone app launched on Tuesday, joining its sibling app for Android-based phones. The sky is the limit for Google's social network and if I were Facebook or Twitter, I'd start taking notes.

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5 Tips for Making Great First Impressions

Posted by GigMasters on July 18, 2011

In many ways, making it in the entertainment business is more difficult than making it in other businesses. Musicians and entertainers can use all the help they can get. That's why you need to do everything you can to make sure you make the right first impressions on everyone you meet along the way. For better or worse, people put a lot of stock in their first impression of you - so don't screw it up!

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