Artist Growth, Career Management for Musicians

Posted by Drew Stoga on March 13, 2012

artist growth logoHere on Inside the Gig, much of our energy goes into helping you understand how to make the most of your GigMasters membership. But it’s not all about us! We’re also always on the lookout for like minded services that we think can help further your entertainment career.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to Artist Growth, a groundbreaking new software platform created by musicians, for musicians.

It’s a whole set of artist development tools designed to help you manage your gig calendar, show promotions, social media presence, finances and more.

Sound complicated? It’s really not. As Artist Growth Marketing Director Jacob Jones explains, “We intentionally built Artist Growth so that you don’t have to be technically savvy beyond owning a computer, tablet, and/or smart phone. The functionality of the platform is quite complex, but it feels very simple. “

Artist Growth is designed to integrate with your existing software - making it familiar and easy to use right out of the gate.

Artist Growth ScreenshotJust like GigMasters, Artist Growth was founded by two musicians-turned-entrepreneurs who wanted to help artists take control of their careers and businesses. Before founding Artist Growth, Matt Urmy and Jonathan Sexton were touring musicians who experienced firsthand the challenges that go along with managing a career as an entertainer.

These guys know a thing or two about the business of being independent musicians but they were also smart enough to solicit plenty of advice from other industry experts. These nuggets of knowledge are passed on to users via Artist Growth ‘Action Packs.’ Think of these as pre-packaged to-do lists for music industry tasks written by music business experts - you may even see a few from GigMasters.

For example, the Action Pack for ‘Promote a Show’ will prompt users on tasks like ‘contact the local press’ and ‘Tweet and post about the event.’ Each task is explained in detail and delivered to users at key points in time. As Jones put it, “You have to contact press a good amount of time before they go to print, while posting on Facebook might be more relevant the day of. The beauty of these are when the artist has 40 shows out in front of them, they know what to get done day by day without feeling overwhelmed and missing opportunities.”

An Artist Growth account can be shared among multiple group members making it easy to see these tasks through. “If the singer wants the drummer to print the flyers, for example, he can assign that task to the drummer’s account and it will appear on his/her day sheet to be completed. This is why a one man show or a 30 person stage crew could effectively use the platform.”

There is more to Artist Growth than we can fit in a single blog post so we recommend you try it for yourself. And the best news of all, because you are a GigMasters member, or at least an Inside the Gig reader, you are entitled to a free trial membership to Artist Growth! Just drop by to get started.

GigMasters is proud to be joining ArtistGrowth's other partners - BMI, CD Baby, Belmont University, Folk Alliance and the Americana Music Association and we hope you'll find their technology as exciting as we do.

Good luck out there and if you do give Artist Growth a try, please let us know what you think!


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