5-Star Gig Tip: Always Follow-Up on Bids…Always!

Posted by Drew Stoga on September 20, 2012

phoneHere’s one tip that we just can’t stress enough: every time you bid, you should follow-up with the client afterwards, preferably by phone. Yes, every time. If a gig is worth bidding on, then it is absolutely worth picking up the phone to make contact.

The follow-up phone call (or email if you're shy) is your chance to show initiative and make a personal connection with the client. It's your chance to explain your bid and answer any of their questions. And, very often, it's your chance to get the gig!

In his eBook How to Be #1 on GigMasters.com author and acoustic guitarist Matthew Cutillo (Amityville, NY) walks you through how he approaches these calls. Matthew has earned 390 stellar GigMasters reviews (yes, 390!) so clearly he’s on to something. Here’s an abbreviated version of Matthew’s follow-up call advice:

Matthew Cutillo

  1. ALWAYS introduce yourself calmly, smiling, “Good afternoon this is Matthew Cutillo, acoustic guitarist from GigMasters.com calling about your November 2nd Fund Raiser in Salem, Massachusetts.”
  2. Then ALWAYS ask “Is this an ok time for you to chat?” Let them know you respect their time. If they want to call you back then let them off the hook making sure they know how to call you back.
  3. Ask “Are you already familiar with my name / who I am / my music?”
  4. Then I pretty much ALWAYS ask “I’m just calling to briefly introduce myself, would that be ok or would you like to specifically ask me any questions straight away?”
  5. ALWAYS end the conversation thanking the person for their time, it’s a no-brainer, but a lot of people miss that, tell them you are here 7 days a week and more than happy to talk without them booking you, you are ready to help in any way you can. And smile!


This is simple stuff but it could make all the difference. Plus, you never know what questions might come up. Maybe, for example, the client can’t afford you for the entire duration of the event but is wondering what you’d charge for an hour less. Or maybe you have other packages to offer that could be a better fit for their budget.

For more follow-up advice, check out our classic After the Bid post.


Check out Amityville, NY Acoustic Guitarist Matthew Cutillo on GigMasters!

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