5 New Year Resolutions to Get More Gigs

Posted by Drew Stoga on January 3, 2013

Happy New YearAs I mentioned on Wednesday, we’ve got big plans for the upcoming year here at GigMasters. We fully expect 2013 to be our biggest year yet and we’ve resolved to do everything we can to make it a great booking year for you too!

Of course there’s a lot you can personally do to ensure a successful booking year on GigMasters and we’ve come up with five new year resolutions to help you get booked in 2013. We recommend you forget all about dieting, exercise and being nicer to people and stick to these resolutions (actually those other ones sound good too):

5 New Year Resolutions to Get More Gigs

  1. Respond Faster The early bird gets the gig. You won’t necessarily get booked just because you got to the gig first, but showing enthusiasm for a gig makes you look professional and dramatically increases your chances of getting booked.
  2. Be Mobile This is very much tied into #1. Our mobile site has been running for a few years now but stay tuned for some big upgrades in 2013. In the meantime, don’t be afraid to use your mobile phone to respond to leads. (Bonus tip: Use saved responses instead of pecking out typo-filled responses on your cell phone).
  3. Get Social GigMasters makes it easy to share your Profile to Facebook, Twitter, etc. but there’s more to social media than promoting yourself. Make a resolution to give social media a real try this year. Try Tumblr, Twitter or Instagram. Make new friends, offer tips, have fun. Social media is playing an increasingly important role in how Google calculates search results…so don’t be shy or you’ll be left behind!
  4. Give Weddings A Chance Have you been steering clear of wedding gigs? You are missing out on some of the best paying gigs around. Check out our guest post for CD Baby explaining the HOWs and WHYs of wedding gigs.
  5. Make New Friends This is a competitive business but that doesn’t mean there’s not room to buddy up to your fellow vendors. You probably already have friends who share your skill set but challenge yourself to meet even more in the coming year. Next time you can’t make a gig, phone a friend that you think might be a good fit. More than likely they’ll be happy to return the favor down the road.


We could go on and on (and probably will in the days and weeks to come). The start of a new year is the perfect time to get rid of your bad habits and make some self-improvements. Now if we could just stick to that diet!

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