3 Ways to Google+ Yourself

Posted by Peter G on September 25, 2013

Google's been around for 15 years now, so hopefully the novelty of Googling yourself has worn off. If you're ready to move on to the next step, it's time to Google+ yourself. If you already have a Gmail account, you're halfway there!
BEGINNER: Don't be shy, use your Google+ account

Sure, Google+ isn’t as cool as Facebook. However, Google isn't going away anytime soon and they're very passionate about this whole Google+ thing. Basically, using Google+ for marketing can benefit your business’ SEO. Your posts and daily interactions will help your Google Search rank, and could even hurt your presence if you don’t use Google+!

If you’ve ever created a Google username and password, then you already have a Google+ account. Once you’re logged in, in the upper left of every Google page you can click your name (with a “+” in front of it) to get started.

INTERMEDIATE: Embed Google+ Posts

Earlier this month, Google announced the ability to embed Google+ posts to your blog or website. This way you and your followers can interact with the topic without having to navigate to Google+. Simply hover over the Google+ post and you'll notice that a small dropdown arrow will appear. Click "Embed post" and copy the code to your site.

embed Google+ posts

OK, that step isn't why this is for “intermediate” users. It's the “embed” part that makes this more advanced. If you don’t have your own blog or website, then forgettaboutit. Just go back to tip 1 and interact and share your Google+ posts.

ADVANCED: Sign up for Google Authorship

You may have noticed that some search results have thumbnail photos next to them. That doesn't happen automatically -- you have to work a little magic for your face to appear. As long as you have a Google+ page with a headshot and an email with the same address as your content (such as pgavin@gigmasters.com) you can do this. For more info and to sign up for authorship, go here.

Google authorship
BONUS TIP: Add your Google+ to GigMasters

If you're a member of GigMasters, login and go to your contact page here. Enter your Google+ URL at the bottom of the page. And of course...

Follow GigMasters Google+

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