2012's Most Popular Performer & Vendor Categories

Posted by Drew Stoga on December 10, 2012

"Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it." High School History teachers love this phrase. When I was a student it mostly seemed like a trick to get me to care about the Louisiana Purchase, but now I see the importance of learning from the past. With that in mind, we've analyzed a year's worth of data to find the GigMasters performer and vendor categories that received the most leads in 2012.

Please note that this chart shows the performer/vendor categories that are most often requested by our clients and NOT which performer/vendor categories get booked the most.

We've broken the categories up by membership types (Dancers, DJs, Ensembles, etc.). If you don't see your category on here, don't panic. It doesn't mean that your category isn't receiving leads or bookings, just that it didn't make the the top 5 within your membership type.

Maybe after seeing this you'll want to adjust your categories (here's how). Maybe this will just reinforce what you already suspected. Either way, unlike when I was back in History class, you'll want to give this info your full attention:

Dancers DJs Ensembles Party Vendors
Belly Dancer DJ String Quartet Party Bus
Hula Dancer Wedding DJ Classical String Quartet Photo Booth Rental
Hawaiian Dancer Party DJ Classical Trio Bounce House
Polynesian Dancer Event DJ Classical Duo Party Inflatables
Dance Group Karaoke DJ Classical Quartet Animals For Parties


Bands Variety Entertainers Speakers Singers
Mariachi Band Balloon Twister Emcee Wedding Singer
Wedding Band Face Painting Motivational Speaker Barbershop Quartet
Cover Band Clown Inspirational Speaker Variety Singer
Dance Band Costumed Character Corporate Speaker A Cappella Group
Variety Band Magician Keynote Speaker Pop Singer


Solo Musicians Tribute Acts Impersonators
Acoustic Guitar Frank Sinatra Tribute Act Elvis Impersonator
Harp Beatles Tribute Band Marilyn Monroe Impersonator
Bagpipes Jimmy Buffett Tribute Act Joan Rivers Impersonator
Piano Rat Pack Tribute Show Cher Impersonator
Violin Dean Martin Tribute Act Madonna Impersonator


*Keep in mind you never want to list yourself in a category that does not fit your talents. If you don't play the violin there is no advantage to listing yourself as a violinist. This will just disappoint and confuse our clients and may actually prevent you from receiving more leads that come in for your actual category.

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